Prayer Requests


Sunday Services
– Prayer is a vibrant part of the personal, spiritual journey that can be enhanced as people come together to pray.  After each  service there is a chaplain and/or lay minister available to pray with you.

Chaplain – If you are a member and would like a prayer chaplain, please call Rev. Charli Tupper in the church office. Your chaplain will call you once a month to pray with you, and will hold you in sacred space between calls.

One on One – Feel free to contact Rev. Charli Tupper through the church office to share your prayer concerns and be supported in your journey.

One on One – Silent Unity is part of a worldwide prayer support system and is available 24/7 to offer you free confidential prayer support whenever you want it.  You may call  1-800-NOW-PRAY (1-800-669-7729); or write to Silent Unity, 1901 NW Blue Parkway, Unity Village, MO 64065, or go to to share on online prayer request.

Prayer Box – There is a prayer box in the lobby if you would like us to pray for you. The lay ministry prays daily  for everyone who has filled out a Prayer Request form. Those forms are then sent at the end of each month to Silent Unity where they are held in prayer for 30 days.

On-line Prayer Request
E-mails received from this form are forwarded to the appropriate Lay Ministry contact and Silent Unity where they are held in prayer for 30 days.

My prayer request is

 Healing  Love  Forgiveness  Understanding  Peace of Mind  Harmony
 Divine Order  Guidance  Prosperity  Justice  Protection  Joy

If you wish to receive support, please provide the appropriate contact information below.

Your Name

Your Email

It is our blessing to pray with you. Be assured that all requests are treated with reverence and confidentiality.