Meet our Ministers

Meet Rev. Charli Tupper & Rev. Terrence Padgett

Rev. Charli Tupper,  Minister 

Rev. Charli was born Anita Charlene Cassels on March 16, 1955.  The greatest spiritual influence in her life were her maternal grandparents, especially her grandfather who was a Deacon in the Presbyterian Church.  Although her family attended church on a regular basis, the churches changed often. She attended Presbyterian, Methodist, Covenant, and Baptist churches with her family.  As a young teenager she attended non-denominational, charismatic churches on her own. These churches had a deep impact on her spiritual development and brought in a wider and deeper relationship with God.

At the age of seven, Charli had a thought that stayed in the back of her mind, and would resurface periodically. This thought was, “When I grow up, I want to be a minister.”  There were several reasons why Charli did not pursue ministry; the largest being that in the denominations she was raised in, women were not allowed to be ministers.  She recalls once going to a church with her fiance and the minister looked at him and said, “One day you, too, will be a minister,” and thought, “you have the wrong person.”

In 1972, she married Denis Tupper.  They had two children, Dan and Julie, who are the joy of her life.  Denis was raised Catholic, and so they decided to attend the Episcopal Church. Charli attended the Episcopal Church with Dan and Julie for over 16 years.  She served as a Sunday School Teacher, was a member of the Vestry, participated in a Lay Ministry program, designed and organized a Seder Dinner every year, and even sang in the choir for awhile.  One Sunday during the service she had an experience that changed her relationship with God forever.  Although her experience of God was even deeper than ever, she felt she could no longer attend an organized church.  This was somewhat disturbing since she loved being part of a spiritual community.

She found her way to a Course in Miracles group, and found some community there; however, it was not the same. When Charli moved to Prescott in 1998, she heard about the Unity Church a few different times, and agreed to try it. She was skeptical, and yet hopeful at the same time.  She first stepped foot in the Unity Church of Prescott on the Sunday after Thanksgiving in 1998, and she knew she was in her right place.

Charli jumped in with both feet. Rev. Tom hired her as the Volunteer Coordinator in February of 2000 and her responsibilities continued to expand from there.  One of her favorite positions was managing the Spiritual Resource Center for four years.  She also began taking Unity Classes for credit with the Unity Institute.  Many of those classes were provided at Unity of Prescott, but she also traveled to Walnut Creek, California, on two occasions, and Unity Village several times to complete the coursework necessary to become a Licensed Unity Teacher.

In the fall of 2004, Charli asked Rev. Tom and the Board of Trustees to support her application for Ministerial School through the Association’s Field Licensing Program; and when accepted to support her through the four-year program.  Charli was accepted into the Ministerial Program in March of 2005, and was licensed as a Unity Minister in March of 2006, 2007, and 2008.

On March 21, 2009, her life-long dream was fulfilled when Rev. Tom Catlin ordained her here at Unity of Prescott.


Rev. Terrence Padgett, Minister


Rev. Terrence Padgett was born and raised in Chicago, IL, about 4 miles from Mecca (Wrigley Field).  Being a Chicago Cubs fan tells you three things about him immediately.  He is hopeful, optimistic, and long-suffering.

Experiencing a “calling” to Ministry in his 15 month of sobriety in 1992 he became an ordained Unity Minister in June of 2000 and has served people and Ministries in various capacities over the past fifteen years.

Most recently he served the past 5 years as the S.E. Regional Consultant for S.E. Unity Ministries.

The vision of his Ministry is in creating a thriving, congruent, and integral community in which personal skills and spiritual insight can be used in every aspect of individual and congregational life.  His personal mission is, “Blessing the world through expressing my gifts and the passion of my heart.”

His purpose as a Spiritual leader lies in empowering people by discovering their spiritual gifts and how to utilize them in a transformative way.  His approach to leadership is expressed in the Tao Te Ching: “Can I cleanse my inner vision until I see nothing but the light?  Can I love people and lead them without imposing my will?  Can I deal with the most vital matters by letting events take their course?  Leading and not trying to control: This is the supreme virtue.”

Rev. Padgett resides in Prescott Valley, AZ – with his wife Sheryl (an ordained Unity Minister since 1997) his two step children Isaac and Valla – one cat – and one dog named for his favorite team – Wrigley.