Welcome to the Unity Church of Prescott

The Unity Church of Prescott is a radiating center of light, love, prosperity, and healing.  Unity is a worldwide Christian organization with a positive, practical, progressive approach to Christianity based on the teachings of Jesus and the power of prayer.  Unity honors the universal truths in all religions and respects each individual’s right to choose a spiritual path.  Our mission is to experience, express and celebrate the goodness of God and the unity of all creation.



An update from the Board, September 10 “How’s Your Transition Going?”

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Job Opportunity - We are looking for an Administrative Assistant to run the front office.  Recent administrative experience, strong organizational and multi-tasking skills, excellent customer service, computer skills, as well as familiarity with Word, preferred. Working knowledge of PowerPoint is a plus.  A job application is available in the office.

Upcoming Events

Adventures in Spirit – Sept. 26 thru Nov. 21

This fall our spiritual community will study The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer.  Choose your level of participation!  Small Study Groups are available to everyone who is interested; groups meet weekly at various times and locations.  Sunday Celebration services will be based on the upcoming week’s study from the book.  All are welcome to sign-up and get involved.

Opening Dinner – Friday, Sept. 26 – 6pm

1st Sunday Celebration – Sept. 28 – 9am & 11am

Closing Dinner – Friday, Nov. 21 – 6pm

Sign-ups are underway and books are available in the bookstore.


Reel Spirit Movie – Friday, Sept. 19 – 7pm

Join us in the Sanctuary to watch Stairways to Heaven.

Over the course of 11,000 years our ancestors built impressive temples to last into our time-sacred spaces that connect with subtle levels of consciousness. Theirs was a spiritual technology for speaking with the gods, and they left us instructions. After a thousand years of repression by the church, this ancient knowledge is reappearing across the earth, this time encoded in mysterious crop circles. While this film explains crop circles, it’s also about how our ancestors connected with the invisible universe called God. See how the church uses our ancestors’ information of sacred spaces, sacred geometry, light and sounds to invite people to Christianity.


Unity of Prescott Values Workshop – Saturday, Sept. 27 – 10am to 2pm

This workshop with Rev. Nat will clarify our values both individually and for our community.  It is the community’s next step and builds on our past work with Unity of Prescott’s heritage and vision for the future by clarifying the values and important characteristics of Unity of Prescott with which the new spiritual leader would align.  RSVP to the office if you would like lunch.


Check out our Calendar for all upcoming events at Unity of Prescott.


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